I Love Options!

Don’t you just love options? When we bought our new vehicle last year, we already knew what model we were going to purchase when we walked into the dealership. We had already shopped online through various websites and dealerships trying to figure out which vehicle was right for our family. When we finally arrived, we told the salesperson what we wanted, but we wanted specific options. However, what I didn’t like was the limitation of options on certain models. I shouldn’t have to buy a fully loaded vehicle at the highest price to get a sunroof, right? I should be able to pick and choose what I want because I love options and being in control of my options. The same goes for my tv viewing. I love options. I don’t want some corporation telling me what channels I can have when I can have them and at the price the set for everyone. I don’t want to have to buy the top tier package at the highest rate to get that one channel I really want, but the rest of the channels I would never use. I am sure you are the same way. That’s why I love Streamsmart! I paid one flat rate a year ago, and I am still getting all the premium content that I want and when I want it. If I want to watch the Oakland A’s play tonight, I can watch just that game. I don’t have to pay for the MLB package through the cable company to get it. Streamsmart has already paid for that premium content for me. If I want to watch that movie from 20-years ago, I don’t want to have to subscribe to Netflix to get it, Streamsmart already has it available for me. So, if you love options then you are going to love Streamsmart. For a one-time price, you get to pick and choose whatever you want! If you are like me, then you need to get Streamsmart today!

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