Tips and Tricks

Don’t forget to check out unfamiliar add-ons

Most of us are creatures of habit. I love having my favorites set up then I can just simply go to those same add-ons or content whenever I use my Streamsmart device. However, did you know that Streamsmart is one of the only streaming device companies that has a dedicated team of developers responsible for managing daily updates and looking for new content for its users? It's true! That is why they have the trending tab. When you first power up and go to the Media Player, you will come to the "Trending" tab. Here our developers put suggested "newer" or more "popular" tv shows/movies and even new add-ons for you to check out. So give it a whirl! Go outside the box and see what the world of streaming entertainment has in store for you! Streamsmart or don't stream at all!

Sports Access Add-on Change the Time Zone for EPG

The goto app for Sports is generally Sports Access under the Sports tab or the Live TV tab. It has a great tv guide interface labeled "EPG". However, right above EPG is a place you can configure your server and time zone. Obviously, set the time zone for your time zone, but there are several servers to pick from. The top server on the list is the default and everyone has that one selected if they don't change it. So, we suggest you change it to a server down the list for better performance. If you need help with this feature, be sure and message us! Have a great day!

Live TV!

Many people when they first get their Streamsmart box have a hard time finding the live tv apps. Here are the top four premium live tv apps right now, so go to the Live TV Tab and click on these when you have time: 1) SubZero (just updated recently with lots of great live tv channels), 2) SportsAccess (click on EPG once in the Add-On), 3) Evolution IPTV (lots of great content here too!), 4) Real Stream (great content, but you have to wait about 30 seconds for it to load because it is so beefy). Streamsmart or don't stream at all!

Buffering Tips!

Sometimes no matter what you are watching or what avenue you are watching it, you have buffering. Buffering is just a part of life with streaming tv. However, there are things you can do to help with buffering. Here is a link from our support forum to give you a few ideas on how to deal with buffering. Of course, if you try all of this and you are still having issues, send us a message or call your reseller for more assistance.

How do you set up your favorites?

So you have that tv show or movie that you searched for and found, but you have to step away for a while. What do you do? Add it to your favorites. When you are looking at the title of the show or movie click the menu button on your remote and then click "add to favorites". Now, press the star button on your remotes and it should be added. You can do this with add-ons and your favorite channels in most add-ons. Enjoy!