Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Streamsmart TV Box

1. You love sports! That’s right if you love sports of any flavor you are going to love this streaming device. Whether it is the MLB, NFL, Boxing, UFC, Basketball, College Sports, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, and even WWE, there is something for every sports fan. You get both live sports and on-demand sports.

2. Commercial Free On-Demand TV Shows. Most of us hate commercials (unless they are Super Bowl commercials, right?), and we hate paying for on-demand television content only to be subjected to the same commercial over and over throughout the same program. With Streamsmart on-demand TV shows you never have to worry about commercials. Just click and watch.

3. You want all the movies. Sure it would be great to watch movies that are in the theater right now, but let’s be honest that content is only available if the box offices make it available. However, another perk of Streamsmart is watching most any movie that was ever made. Whether you like movies like Top Gun from the 90’s or you are an old time Walt Disney fan from the 40’s and 50’s, you will love the movie selection you find through Streamsmart.

4. You hate paying monthly cable/satellite bills. This is just common sense. Who wants to pay a monthly fee each month for content we can have by paying a one-time purchase price?

5. You want 24/7 customer support service that gets you. Tired of talking with someone who doesn’t even own the product you use? Maybe you are frustrated talking to customer service over and over explaining the same problem. Whatever your customer service issue is, Streamsmart has streamlined customer service. Your first level of customer service is whoever you buy your device from. Next, you have an entire network of people at your disposal through a private Facebook group. Finally, there is the official streamsmart.Tv website that has a ton of support videos and forums to help you with any problem you may encounter. Most people never need it, but its nice to have if you do.

6. You don’t want to pay for digital content anymore! Add up how much you spend on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and any network television service. When you buy Streamsmart, you get to keep that money in your pocket! What would you do with another 25, 50 or even 75 dollars each month you save on paid digital content?

7. You want a quality, top of the line streaming television device. If you google streaming entertainment or streaming devices, there are literally thousands of them. What makes Streamsmart devices different is the quality of hardware used in each device. From the chipset to the wifi dual band receiver and even the HDMI port, there is a ton of good technology in each streamsmart box. Where other boxes fail, Streamsmart succeeds and with the top of the line technology.

8. It will bring your family together. This is a huge cliché, but its true. Whether it is starting a family movie night or watching all your favorite shows together, no more fighting over the DVR or arguing over the remote. Just click on your favorite program and enjoy! Don’t forget your popcorn.

9. It’s small and compact. Rather than having a bulky receiver or DVR sitting near your television and cables running everywhere, with Streamsmart you have a small aluminum box. It is easy on the eyes and doesn’t take up much more space than a large cell phone.

10. You will have daily updates. Streamsmart’s technology team updates apps daily, and we roll out large updates from time to time. There is nothing for you to do. You don’t have to wait for a long download or reload time after a large download. Simply turn on your box, click the Media Player and the updates load within seconds. If there is a larger download, we give you specific instructions (if you need them) on what to do next. When you buy Streamsmart, you buy smart because you become part of the Streamsmart family!

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