What is Streaming Entertainment?


Streaming Entertainment is a Red Table Developing, LLC company that is an authorized reseller of Streamsmart Devices and accessories. Streaming Entertainment is not about pushing cheap android kodi boxes on you, rather it is our goal to provide you and your family with the total home entertainment experience. Our product is different from what you see out on the market for several reasons. First, when you purchase a new Streamsmart PRO 4K streaming device you are not just purchasing a device, you are becoming a subscriber to premium content. Streamsmart is different from everyone else because they provide premium content that costs the average consumer hundreds of dollars each month. Sure you can buy your own kodi box as there are literally hundreds of them on Amazon and Ebay, but do you know whether you are breaking the law with pirated content or not? Do you know where you are streaming this content from? Do you have a VPN that allows you to protect your internet router from incoming traffic? Are you able to do updates on your kodi software each day to ensure you are able to watch programming when you come home from work or school? With Streamsmart devices, you don’t have to worry about any of these questions as they take care of all of this for you. They ensure you only have the top 100% legal internet streaming content available. They take care of your updates as they automatically come to your box. You have the best interface for channel surfing and watching your favorite content. You are able to connect to apps to keep on top of your content. Ultimately, you can do everything you want to do with your home entertainment device and so much more.

In 2016 I was introduced to Jerry Dudley of Streamsmart Solutions LLC. I had been a cable/satellite tv user all of my life and had no idea this type of content existed legally. Of course, I was naturally skeptical. Even after investing in the Streamsmart streaming device I was still a bit skeptical. On my way home from purchasing the device I thought, “What in the world did I just buy?” I mean I had tried the fire sticks, the Android boxes and even tried to watch content on my computer which was a complete disaster. However, several friends highly recommended Jerry and especially Streamsmart, so I gave it a try. After plugging the device in and powering it up for the first time I was overwhelmed. This was not just a cable box or satellite dish, this was the total package! It had everything and more. If you are a child of the 70’s or before you might remember those gigantic satellite dishes that were popular in the 80’s. They had programming from all over the world and on a hundred million channels (maybe not that many). Streamsmart is just like those dishes only you just buy the device, and there is no monthly costs and no additional fees…EVER!  Since buying my Streamsmart device, my entire family has embraced it. We are able to watch movies together on Friday nights from the comfort of our home and watch our favorite live sporting events no matter where it is. It eliminates the need for VCRs, DVRs and any recording devices because everything is on demand. I know you will love it as much as I do. If you are in the Kansas City area and want to see it for yourself, give me a call, and we can set up a time to do just that. If you are outside the KC market area, just give me a call, and we can do a skype session, and you can see it in action for yourself.

Of course, you are going to doubt. You are going to be skeptical. However, if you just open your eyes and take the red pill (think Matrix), there is much more to home entertainment than meets the eye. Of course, you can still take the blue pill and go back to living your life inside the matrix of cable and satellite TV…but the red pill is so much more fun!

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